TensorWave Making Waves at GTC

At this years highly anticipated GTC event in San Jose, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, did exactly what was expected – hype up and announce a new product (Blackwell series) before they release their next product (H200) to try to overshadow what AMD has available right now. And we, at TensoroWave, made sure to let […]

Navigating the Data Center Drought:  Can Infrastructure Scarcity be Alleviated?

The world may be running out of data center capacity, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about.  The emergence of cloud computing as a major component of digital transformation has motivated Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and others to build data centers at a frenetic pace in recent years. So far, they have been able […]

A Comprehensive Guide: Switching from CUDA to ROCm

CUDA and ROCm are two frameworks that implement general-purpose programming for graphics processing units (GPGPU). What are the differences between these two systems, and why would an organization choose one over the other?  GPGPU basics The graphics processing unit (GPU) offloads the complexities of representing graphics on a screen. It also frees up the central […]

The Intensifying Demand for GPUs in the AI Era – The Rise of TensorWave

NVIDIA’s Challenge: Meeting the Growing Demand The landscape of artificial intelligence hardware is witnessing an unprecedented demand for GPUs, a trend driven by the rapid evolution of AI technologies and the emergence of diverse market players. NVIDIA, long the cornerstone of this industry, is facing challenges in meeting this soaring demand, creating a unique opportunity […]